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How Do I Register to Vote in Utah?

If you are not registered to vote, you still have time to do so. This can be done online simply with the use of an up-to-date driver’s license. Google “How to Register to Vote in Utah.” This will bring you to a secure state website. In order to register online to vote, your address must match the address on file with the Driver License Division.

If your driver license address is not current, please update your address with the Driver License Division (DLD). This must be done before submitting your online voter registration. After updating your address please allow 24 hours before returning to register to vote online.

If your address is not current with DLD you may still use the online voter registration system, but you will be required to print the voter form with the correct address, sign it and mail it in.

Another way to register to vote is to go in person to the County Clerk’s office, fill out needed forms and mail it in. Be sure to take your Driver’s License ID. You may also go online to and follow directions or call 801-979-2511. Voterise is a non-partisan, non-profit organization that is dedicated to helping people register to vote no matter their demographic status in Utah. Note that in Utah, homeless people can vote just using cross streets as their address and in Utah a person who has been released from prison is eligible to vote. Age requirement is to be 18 on or before election day. Residency requirement is that one must live in Utah for 30 days before election day. You only need to re-register to vote if you have moved, changed your name, or need to update contact information.

The deadline to register to vote online is 7 days before election day and mailing in a registration requires a postmark of 30 days before election day. This year election day is Tuesday, November 6th.

-- Kathleen Kaufman MS,RN GRC Co-Chair


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