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Utah Nurses Association Bill Tracker No.4 (4-27-18) Bills are listed in numerical order (House > Senate)

Bill No.






UNA Position


HB 12

Family Planning Services Amends. (Ward)

--Requires the Medicaid program to reimburse providers separately for the insertion oflong-acting reversible contraception immediately after childbirth;
--Requires the Division of Health Care Financing to apply for a Medicaid waiver or a
state plan amendment to provide family planning services to certain low-income

Passed both House and Senate and Signed into law by Governor.



Contact your Senator to vote YES for this in the Senate.

Women who are covered by Medicaid may not currently have these contraceptives paid for by Medicaid until 6 weeks after delivery. By this time, the patient often does not return for a post-partum visit. Having the ability to space children would allow low income women to better plan their lives and also allow them to seek further training or education without being pregnant so often.

HB 37

Occupational & Professional Licensing Amendments

Makes many technical changes. The section of concern to nurses are lines 449-453 which eliminates the requirement of DOPL to appoint a person as ex-officio representative to the SBON who is a Licensed RN with a master’s degree in nursing and a minimum of 5 years of experience working in nursing administration or education.

Passed both House and Senate. and Signed into law by Governor.



The SBON has had a nurse as the ex-officio bureau representative for at least 30 years. This position needs to be filled by an educated, articulate and informed nurse who can best represent the profession of nursing to DOPL and best protect the public from incursions of authority. The current bureau manager was hired in violation of the existing NPA last June and has already demonstrated how a lack of nursing background can impede appropriate rule setting.

HB 41

Mental Health (MH) Crisis Line Amends (Eliason)

Establishes a statewide MH crisis line which rolls over all crisis calls to a central state line if no one can answer in local areas. Also requires all personnel who answer crisis calls be mental health therapists or crisis workers with MH training.

Passed both sides of legislature unanimously and Signed into law by Governor.



The state has a large number of crisis lines but they do not connect to a central line and many are not answered 24/7. This bill seeks to give a reliable source of reference and counseling throughout UT 24/7. This bill is in response to the high suicide rate in Utah. “Hannah’s Bill”

HB 42

Medicaid Waiver for Mental Health Crisis Services (Eliason)

Requires the Department of Health to seek a Medicaid waiver for certain mental
health crisis resources.

Passed the House 72 – 0 and passed the Senate 23:1 with only Senator Margaret Dayton opposing. Signed into law by Governor.



Resources to be used in times of high risk of injury or damage to self or others and makes use of "Mobile crisis outreach team" or "MCOT" is a mobile team of medical and
mental health professionals that, in coordination with local law enforcement and emergency
medical service personnel, provides mental health crisis services. Already in place and successful in Salt Lake County.

HB 43

Blood Testing Amends (Hall, Weiler)

Outlines the circumstances under which a peace officer may obtain a blood draw.

Passed both House and Senate and Signed into law by Governor.


UNA supports the new language but finds some of older language to be in conflict with the new.

Bill is clear for consent or warrant needed for conscious person to have blood drawn for police, not as clear if person is not conscious.

HB 99

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Act Amends (Redd)

However this bill establishes the position of certified peer support specialist to help pts with SA and MH problems to deal with ongoing issues. Also defines the specific responsibilities of all parties in cases of civil commitment in cases where patients are severe risk to selves or others.

Passed both House and Senate. and Signed into law by Governor.



Peer support specialists already exist in the state to help pts with SA problems and this adds both required training and the use of these specialists to pts with MH, not only those with SA problems. Civil commitment changes clarifies roles of all participants.

HB 100S2

Medically Complex Children with Disabilities Waiver Program (Redd)

Requires the Department of Health to establish, through a Medicaid waiver, an ongoing program for children with disabilities and complex medical conditions.(Currently covers about 500 children who do not qualify for other support in Utah. There is no waiting list, as places become available; new applications are accepted.)

Passed both House and Senate. and Signed into law by Governor.



This program supports participants who meet stringent criteria with $322/month for costs not covered by private insurance and respite care. Much less cost than if child goes into state custody. Keeps families together and children at home with better outcomes.

HB 101S2

Air Quality Emissions Testing Amends (Arent)

--Restricts authority of a county to exempt a motor vehicle from an emissions test;

-Amends exemptions to emissions testing

Passed both House and Senate. and Signed into law by Governor.



Ask you House Rep to support this bill and pass it out of committee. And then to vote YES on floor of House

This bill prevents a county from exempting diesel engine motor vehicles under 14,000 pounds from emission testing. Many but not all counties already require this testing. These diesel engines create about 7 times the particulate emissions of gasoline engines.

HB 163 S2

Prescription Drug Amends (Thurston)

Requires the UDOH to design a drug importation program, apply for approval for program from US DHHS, implement program if approved and restudy approaches to getting approval if needed.

Did not pass. Never got out of Business and Labor Com. filed 3/8/18. May be explored in interim study.


Bill proposes for UT to build a trading relationship with Canada to import drugs at costs consistent with Canadian prices providing a safe system can be developed.

HB 195 S3

Medical Cannabis Policy (Daw)

Provides that an individual may possesses, or use cannabis in a medicinal dosage form.

Describes procedure for eligible patient to receive a recommendation for a cannabis-based treatment plan from their MD or APRN.

Passed both House and Senate and Signed into law by Governor.



Bill describes legality of medicinal use of cannabis, excuses insurance companies from requirement to cover this as an “investigational” drug, and restricts use to terminally ill patients who may derive benefit.


HB 197S2

Cannabis Cultivation Amends. (Daw, Vickers)

--Requires Dept. of Agriculture to ensure cultivation and processing of cannabis in the state for academic or research purposes (and for limited use by and for patients).

--Authorizes Dept. of Agriculture to contract with growers.


Passed both House and Senate. and Signed into law by Governor.



Establishes a state dispensary to sell cannabis and MANY rules regarding regulation of said purchase by either patients, but more so by academic and medical research groups. (Read the bill and the substitute language.)

HB205 S1

Down Syndrome Nondiscrimination Abortion Act (Lisonbee)

Prohibits abortions for any woman who has been diagnosed with a fetus with Down Syndrome.

Requires extensive reporting by provider and also instructs provider what they must say to woman who is considering to such an abortion. Insists on strong direction of what the provider must do; interfering with doctor-patient relations.


Filed as a bill not passed in the Senate. 3/8

Strongly OPPOSE. Ask your senator to hold this in rules committee and to vote against this bill.

Abortion is legal in this country for any reason that a woman believes it is warranted. The legal review published with this bill notes that it will almost certainly be considered unconstitutional in any court.

Makes this a criminal offense for the person doing the abortion, but not for the woman seeking the abortion...

HB 232

Health Education Amends (Ward)

--Repeals language prohibiting the advocacy or encouragement of the use of contraceptive methods or devices.

This has been held in House rules committee and filed as unpassed bill.


Removes the language in current law that prohibits discussion of contraceptive use in the classroom.

HB 472

Medicaid Expansion Revisions (Spendlove)

Offers an expansion if CMS approves a number of waivers including a work or study requirement, a floating cap on coverage and the ability of the state to prioritize care if the costs become too high. Also will only go into effect if a waiver is approved to grant full 90 to 10 match for any state funds used to pay for Medicaid for those who earn less than 95% of FPL.

Passed both House and Senate. and Signed into law by Governor.



The requested and required waivers are not likely to all be approved. Arkansas was turned down for a similar 90 to 10 match just 3 days before this bill passed on the last day of the general session. The work requirement is also likely to keep many part time workers off the roles due to the fluctuating hours that these workers are offered. Since this passed, the legislature can now blame any failure to actually use it on the federal government in the persona of the CMS.

SB 48

Medicaid Waiting Period Amends. (A.Christensen)

--Requires a five-year waiting period for legal immigrants to receive benefits throughthe Medicaid program or Children's Health Insurance Program.

Bill was filed as a bill not passed.


New legal immigrants are MOST likely to need Medicaid and CHIP coverage during the first few years they are in this country. They seek jobs and get coverage as soon as they find employers who offer coverage. If instituted, this bill would strip immigrants already in the country of care they depend on in the immediate time.

SB 65

Child Neglect Amends.(Filmore)

This bill amends the definition of "neglect" and makes related restrictions.

Passed both House and Senate and Signed into law by Governor.


UNA is unable to reach consensus on one section of this bill. READ the bill and decide what you think.

The problematic section exempts all clergy from reporting child abuse they hear about in confession unless the perpetrator gives permission or they hear it from another source..


SB 68S1

PA Vital Statistics Act (Bramble)

addscertainphysicianassistantstothelist of health care professional who can sign vital statistics records such as birth and death records.

Language does cross out APRN in one place but keeps NP in another.

Passed both House and Senate. and Signed into law by Governor.



Cleanup language and adds PA to list of providers who can sign birth and death records.

SB 135

Insurance Contracts Amends.

(Sen.Filmore, Rep King)

prohibits discretionary clauses in certain insurance contracts

Passed both House and Senate. and Signed into law by Governor.


UNA supports this bill.

when a patient is denied an appeals, it would create a "level playing field" in court without the insurance company having "a leg up". This was the argument in the HHS Committee.

SB 161S4

Nurse Home Visiting Pay For Success (Sen. Escamilla, Rep. Redd)

--creates an evidence-based Nurse Home Visiting Pay-for-Success Program within the Department of Health;

--describes the requirements of the nurse home visiting pay-for-success program;

--provides that the program is funded through a contractual relationship between the Dept.of Health and one or more private investors;

-- initiates the program as a pilot program;

-- provides for success payments to investors if performance goals outlined in the pay-for-success contract are met by the program;

Passed both House and Senate and Signed into law by Governor.



This is a call for a public-private partnership to fund home visits by RNs to high risk, vulnerable young parents...mostly for first time parents who may need support. We supported the Nurse-Family partnership during the interim and this is a bill to allow a state organized program of the same type since the federal budget may or may not fund ongoing home visits, although MCIECHV may be listed in the continuing resolution.

SB 172

Medicaid Waiver Amends (Sen. Hemert)


Filed as an unpassed bill. This bill may have been stopped to allow Rep Spendlove’s bill to succeed.















SB 184S2

Pharmacist Prescription Authority Amendments(Weiler)

This bill permits a pharmacist to dispense a self-administered hormonal contraceptive

under a standing

prescription drug

order to persons age 18 or older. Does require a self-risk assessment be done by patient and reasonable counseling to be done by pharmacist. also.

--authorizes the use of a standing prescription drug order issued by a physician to dispense a self-administered hormonal contraceptive to a patient who is 18 years old or older;

--limits liability for physicians who issue a standing prescription drug order for a self-administered hormonal contraceptive;

Passed both House and Senate. and Signed into law by Governor.


The UNA did not take a position on this bill prior to its passage due to the limited number of comments, In general UNA was opposed to this bill.

We are opposed to this bill due to the apparently limited time that a pharmacist has to fully assess and counsel patients regarding risks and any issues the patient should to report to a health care provider. Does not require pharamcist to follow up on negative outcomes but in initial counseling to refer patient to PCP or ER for help if those occur.

SJR 005

Joint Resolution Recognizing Falls Prevention Efforts and Designating Falls Prevention Awareness Day.


Essentially calls attention to this widespread problem in Utah. Also establishes Fall Prevention Day which will be the first official day of fall.

Passed both House and Senate. and Signed into law by Governor.



UNA members have served on the Falls Prevention Alliance and we are impressed by the vigor of this effort to educate the public to resources and information about preventing falls which are the most likely cause of hospitalization for the elderly. See more info in the late summer Utah Nurse.

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