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Grant-In-Aid Application

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The guidelines listed below shall assist in ensuring the best possible coordination in receiving

and processing nursing student requests for scholarships. Scholarships will be awarded for

tuition and books only.


• Scholarships must be postmarked by June 1st or October 1st of each

calendar year to be considered.

• Applicants will receive notice of the Board's recommendations by July 15th and October

15th of each calendar year.

• Recipients are only eligible to receive scholarships twice.

• Applicants must abide by the criteria listed below.


The applicant must:

• Have a cumulative grade point average, which is equivalent to a 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale.

• Be a United States citizen and a resident of Utah.

• Have completed a minimum of one semester of core nursing courses prior to application.

• If a student in undergraduate nursing programs, be involved in the school's chapter of

the National Student Nurses Association.

• If a registered nurse completing a Baccalaureate Degree or an Advanced Nursing Degree,

be a member of Utah Nurses Association (state only) or a member of Utah Nurses

Association/American Nurses Association.

• Submit a personal narrative describing his/her anticipated role in nursing in the state of Utah

that will be evaluated by the Scholarship Committee.

• Submit three original letters of recommendation. Letters submitted from faculty advisor and

employer must be originals addressed to the Utah Nurses Foundation Scholarship


• Be enrolled in six credit hours or more per semester to be considered. Preference will

be given to applicants engaged in full-time study.

• Demonstrate a financial need. All of the applicant's resources for financial aid (scholarships,

loans, wages, gifts, etc.) must be clearly and correctly listed (and include dollar amounts

and duration of each source of aid) on the application.

• The Scholarship Committee shall consider the following priorities in making

scholarship recommendations to the Board of Trustees:

2016 UNF Grant–in-Aid Scholarship Guidelines

o RNs pursuing BSN

o Graduate and postgraduate nursing study

o Formal nursing programs - advanced practice nurses

o Students enrolled in undergraduate nursing programs

• The Applicant is required to submit the following with the completed application form:

• Copy of current official transcript of grades (no grade reports).

• Three letters of recommendation:

o One must be from a faculty advisor, and

o One must be from an employer (If the applicant has been unemployed for greater than 1

year, one must be from someone who can address the applicant's work ethic, either

through volunteer service or some other form).

o At least one should reflect applicant's commitment to nursing.

o All must be in original form,

o All must be signed and addressed to the UNF scholarship committee.

• Narrative statement describing applicant’s anticipated role in nursing in Utah, upon

completion of the nursing program.

• Letter from the school verifying the applicant's acceptance in the nursing program.

• Copy of ID from National Student Nurses Association or Utah Nurses Association

with membership number.


In the event of a scholarship award:

• The nursing student agrees to work for a Utah Health Care Facility or Utah Educational

Institution as a full-time employee for a period of one year, or part- time for a period of

two years.

• Student recipient agrees to join the Utah Nurses Association within 6 months of

graduation at the advertised reduced rate.

• If asked by UNF, provide personal pictures and narratives to be published in The Utah

Nurse indicating that UNF scholarship funds were received.

• If for any reason the educational program and/or work in Utah is not completed, the

scholarship monies will be reimbursed to the Utah Nurses Foundation by the nursing


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