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Medicaid Expansion Ballot Initiative News!

The Salt Lake County Clerk’s office needs a few good people to be hired to verify signatures on the many ballot initiatives that are being completed this spring. They are hoping to hire a few temporary workers in Salt Lake County to accomplish this by the mid-April deadline. Applicants are expected to compare signatures on petitions against the signature on file in the State’s database.   The hours are 8:00 am – 5:00 pm, Monday thru Friday.  There may be some mandatory overtime as the deadline gets closer. If you have time and are interested, please follow the following link to the elections temporary job posting. (Other counties may have similar needs, call your county clerk’s office.)

UNA has supported the full expansion of Medicaid and this is one way to help this ballot initiative and others get verified and onto the ballot so Utah voters can choose what they want. 


2018 Nurses Day at the Legislature

What a Great Success!  Thank you to Utah's nurses and Legislators who made it a great day!



Beginning Tuesday February 20th, the UNA office will be open by appointment only.  If you need to come see us, please call ahead to make an appointment and one of our board members will be happy to meet you there. 



New information from the Falls Prevention Alliance


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