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Nurses Day at the Legislature 2019

Utah State Capitol
Friday, February 22, 2019
7:30 AM – noon

8:15 AM


Courtesy of Ivory Homes/

Utah Workforce Housing Priority

Hall of Governors – First Floor

Hosted by the

UNA Board of Directors and Government Relations Committee


8:30 AM

Welcome & Introductions

Hall of Governors – First Floor

Sharon K. Dingman, DNP, MS, RN

UNA President


10:00 AM

Comments from Legislators and Guests
Invited: Sen. Todd Weiler, Sen. Luz Escamilla, Rep. Raymond Ward, Rep. Jennifer Dailey-Provost, Rep. Angela Romero, Sen. Allen Christensen, Rep. Marie Poulson, Sen. Jani Iwamoto, Rep. Suzanne Harrison, Rep. Brian King and others





Angie Kaplar, BSN, RN, C-AL
UNA Director-at-Large


Nurse Practitioners’ Proposed Changes to Utah Nurse Practice Act



Utah Health Policy Project (UHPP)


Stacy Stanford, BA

Health Policy Analyst


Utah Student Nurses Association


Utah Nurses Foundation (UNF) Scholarship Opportunities

Samantha Derfler

UT-SNA President


Marianne Craven, PhD, RN
UNF President



10:00-AM -
10:40 AM


10:50 AM-

11:30 AM


(change rooms at 10:40 AM)

Workshops Participants may attend both Workshop sessions

Presentation Room - First Floor


UNA Government Relations Committee (GRC)

2019 Bills Being Followed


Kathleen Kaufman, MS, RN

Diane Forster-Burke, MS, RN

CJ Ewell, MS, APRN

GRC Co-Chairs

Room 105 – First Floor



Advocacy Strategies

• Emails/letters

• Testifying

• Phone2Action




Diane Forster-Burke, MS, RN

Kathleen Kaufman, MS, RN

Angela Kaplar, BSN, RN, C-AL


11:30 AM – 12 noon

Tour of Capitol and Communicating with Legislators

Donna R. Murphy, MSN, RN, CPN


We look forward to seeing you there!!
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Capitol Map
(select Capitol Floor 1 on the list)



Utah's 2019 Legislative Session is Underway!
Utah Nurses Association's Government Relations Committee (GRC) welcomes you to the 2019 session! 
Text UTNURSE to 52886 and enter your information to sign up for our Policy Alerts; we will send out text alerts to your phone as each campaign is posted. Please share this keyword with your colleagues to sign up and receive alerts during our 2019 session!
First on the docket: Senator Allen M. Christensen proposes SB96 MEDICAID EXPANSION ADJUSTMENTS. We are asking you to contact your legislators to OPPOSE this bill & implement Proposition 3 by April 1st, as the people’s law decrees!
Follow this link for more information and to fill out the form to send comments to your legislators!

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